Agape Experience

Pilgrimage to the Holyland in JORDAN & ISRAEL & Turkey


Spiritual Director Fr. Robert Carrillo

  • Panoramic tour of Jericho Town
  • Visit Sycamore Tree
  • Visit Mount Temptation
  • Celebrate Holy Mass at Good Shepherd Church
  • Visit the Good Samaritan Inn and Museum Bethany is the place of Lazarus’s tomb
  • Bethlehem where we visit the Shepherd’s Field
  • Church of Nativity - Celebrate Mass
  • Visit & Pray at the Star of David & the Manger
  • Visit & Pray at the Milk Grotto as Shrine of Holy Family
  • Mount of Olives to see the following places:
    • Visit The Chapel of Ascension
    • Visit The church of the Pater Noster
    • Visit The Church of the Dominus Flavit
    • Mass at Garden of Gethsemane Church
  • Mount Zion to see the following places:
    • The Dormition Church (Where our Lady breathed last)
    • The Upper Room (The Last Supper Room)
    • King David Tomb (an empty tomb)
    • The Church of St. Peter Gallicantu (House of Caiaphas)
    • Visit the Wailing or the Western Wall of the temple remanences
  • The Old City with all the followings below:
    • The Church of Holy Sepulchre, Place of Jesus’ Crucifixion, the embalming stone slab, and His tomb of Resurrection, Mary Magdalene’s chapel
    • Visit Church of Holy Sepulchre “The Tomb of Our Lord Jesus”
    • Visit St. Anne Church (Birthplace of Our Lady) & Bethsaida Pool
    • Visit the Church of Condemnation and Flagellation
    • Ain Karem to visit church of St John the Baptist and the Church of Visitation
  • Visit the Emmaus, place of the miracles of the loaves
  • Visit Caesarea Marittima
  • Visit the (Mt. Carmel monastery Celebrate Mass)
  • Visit Church of Annunciation and Mass
  • Visit St Joseph Church and his workshop
  • Visit Sea of Galilee for Boat Ride (A biblical float)
  • Visit the Church and celebrate Mass
  • Visit The Village of Magdala
  • Visit The Church of the Tabgha
  • Visit Church of the Primacy
  • Visit The Town of Jesus
  • Visit the Monastery and the new St Moses Church
  • Visit Jordan River (The Actual Baptism Site)
  • Celebrate Mass and renewal of baptismal Vows

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Starting Location: JORDAN, ISRAEL & Turkey

Starting Date: 5 September 2023 - 24 September 2023

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